Playground Resurfacing

Improving Parks | 2.5 Million

Alonzo Weaver Park

June 29-  The City of Memphis kicked off the Accelerate Memphis plan with playground resurfacing at Alonzo Weaver Park. Twelve other parks will also be resurfaced.


The playground is one part of the overall improvements to McFarland Park.  

Parks received a $225,000 grant from TDEC to make improvements to the park to eliminate drainage issues that caused areas of the park to stay wet or muddy. 

 Parks added funds of $440,000 to include the new playground, as the park had never had one.

The Contractor is A and B Construction. The cost of the playground was $440,000.

 Parks has designed drainage improvements that make it  a more ‘green’ infrastructure to encourage infiltration of storm water into the site vs sending it all into the street storm system.

 There will be a walking trail in the future.