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Project Updates

Gaston Community Center

4 Million
Renovation of the facility.

Pine Hill Golf Course

4 Million
New golf clubhouse and a multipurpose room.

Gaisman Community Center

8 Million
Replacement of facility.

Riverview Community Center 2 Million

Renovation of the facility.

Riverview Community Center

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Memphis Capital Improvement Projects

Street Paving Schedule

Housing and Community Development Projects

Proceeds from $200 million in Accelerate Memphis bonds will be used in the following manner:


Activating Memphis 3.0

Improving neighborhoods with investments in 34 anchor areas across the city ($13.6 million), accelerating change with large-scale, targeted investments in nine anchor areas ($37.4 million), making safety improvements in eight Memphis 3.0-identified infrastructure priority anchor areas ($9 million),closing the knowledge gap with broadband infrastructure ($7.5 million), and investing in housing opportunities ($7.5 million).


Improving Our Parks

Throughout the process of creating the City’s Parks Master Plan citizens voiced a strong preference for upgrading existing park assets and have identified key priorities such as more splash pads, more and better walking trails, better connections to other parks, and amenities such as wireless internet in parks and fitness rooms in community centers.


Revitalizing Citywide Assets

Regardless of the neighborhoods in which Memphians live, there are common assets that all of us enjoy. Many are progressing through their life cycle to a critical point at which major repairs or renovations are necessary to maintain their usefulness and vibrancy.


Through Accelerate Memphis, the City of Memphis will issue $200 million in bonds to facilitate catalytic community projects intended to accelerate its growth by improving quality of life, driving equity and inclusion, improving connectivity, and solving stubborn problems that are deeper than any single capital budget can solve. The City will take advantage of the drop in debt service in the 2027 fiscal year to make a transformative, one-time investment in a variety of capital projects.

Special Thanks to the Memphis City Council for their support of Accelerate Memphis.